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Easter Eggs!

  Finally !!! One of our Ameraucana pullets is a big girl now !! A hen! We found our very first "easter egger" bluish-green egg yesterday !  Our six EE girls were born last February - we got them in mid-April - and we have been waiting for this day since then!!  I was soooo… Continue reading Easter Eggs!

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Fun Fact Friday is coming!

We are doing a series on "chicken questions" - things that some readers wanted to know! Although we are in no way chicken experts, quite the contrary, we are learning as we go! These questions are helping us also. Here is a list of the questions we have been asked so far...we will be answering… Continue reading Fun Fact Friday is coming!

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Questions !!!

We have had a lot of people ask us "chicken questions" so I thought this might be a great blog topic !!  We are still learning the ins and outs of being chicken parents ourselves, so this should prove to be a fun assignment ! All I need for my readers and Facebook followers to… Continue reading Questions !!!