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Fun Fact Friday – “Chicken Regulations”

Our next reader question is… “Are there regulations in your area for how many you can own in proportion to the size of the property you own?” Yes, there are regulations for those that live inside the city limits of Goldsboro, NC.  The restrictions are as follows: “The chickens must be kept in a well-ventilated… Continue reading Fun Fact Friday – “Chicken Regulations”

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Fun Fact Friday – How many chickens do you need?

The first reader question we got was “How did you decide how many chickens you need? I mean how many would fit?” That's a GREAT question !  One that is very important to decide from the start! In our research, of both the internet and local “chicken parent” friends, we determined that 6 hens would… Continue reading Fun Fact Friday – How many chickens do you need?

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Fun Fact Friday is coming!

We are doing a series on "chicken questions" - things that some readers wanted to know! Although we are in no way chicken experts, quite the contrary, we are learning as we go! These questions are helping us also. Here is a list of the questions we have been asked so far...we will be answering… Continue reading Fun Fact Friday is coming!

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Questions !!!

We have had a lot of people ask us "chicken questions" so I thought this might be a great blog topic !!  We are still learning the ins and outs of being chicken parents ourselves, so this should prove to be a fun assignment ! All I need for my readers and Facebook followers to… Continue reading Questions !!!

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New Little Ladies!

We got our six new Ameraucana pullets today! These little ladies are going to be so beautiful. They're not sure about those big hens running by their coop though ! Until they get a little bigger, they will stay inside their coop safe from the bigger hens and the big outdoor world! 

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A few basic FAQs about raising chickens

We had so many questions when we decided to become “chicken people”!!!  We had a lot of great advice from friends that have been raising chickens, and also researched our questions on the internet – that’s where I ran across this article that originally was posted by The Washington Post years ago.  It’s very informative… Continue reading A few basic FAQs about raising chickens

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Egg Apron

Someone posted an "egg apron" on my timeline on Facebook and just a couple weeks later, this arrived at my door !  Our daughter, Melinda, ordered it for me from Blanket Me Baby in Asheville, NC. We will also be getting one soon from another one of our four daughters, Ashley at The Crocheted Dreamer, very… Continue reading Egg Apron

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I went to a Kombucha Class!

As we get deeper into our health and wellness journey, we are finding more ways to incorporate new things into our bodies! Kombucha is known for its health benefits, mainly for digestive support, but it has many different health benefits. I spent the afternoon with two of my friends, both of whom embrace the wellness… Continue reading I went to a Kombucha Class!

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Our chickens love their dust baths !

Chickens take "dust baths" to keep themselves free of  mites naturally.  These baths also keep the chicken fresh by washing off any "debris".  They LOVE to get as much dirt and sand as they can all over their feathers and deep down to the base of their feathers! Dust baths, or some call them sand baths,… Continue reading Our chickens love their dust baths !

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Our Outside Chandelier! (Updated!)

I finally got to start on our outside "nightlight"! My good friend Katrina gave me this old chandelier so I am re-purposing it for our backyard at the homestead. I am still in the process of getting it finished, but I am so excited about it that I had to share the progress so far!… Continue reading Our Outside Chandelier! (Updated!)