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Garden – Year 1

  This is our first year of a full garden!  Full for us anyway.  Let me start at the beginning... When we had to rehome our precious hens last year after the hurricane, our first thought was to sell the 2 pens we had put together as our enclosure for the chickens and their coops.  But… Continue reading Garden – Year 1

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Creamy Chicken and Vegetable Soup

  My husband's "therapy" is cooking.  David has alot of emotional "disorders" - like many other folks do - and cooking is totally therapeutic for him.  He also has OCD, so his cooking becomes a very long and drawn out affair most times! Hubby was off work this weekend, and after church on Sunday he… Continue reading Creamy Chicken and Vegetable Soup

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Dump The Chemicals!

I don't "advertise" much here on the blog...but I am sooo excited that Young Living has put two new oils AND is now offering the Desert Mist Diffuser in the Premium Starter Kit!!!  Yep, that's right!!!  The much loved Desert Mist !!!! But first, let me tell you about my additional Thank You Gift this… Continue reading Dump The Chemicals!

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Meet Our Furry Kids

I can’t believe that we have never introduced our furbabies to you yet!!!  We have 4 furry kids…Molly the cat and Mike, Carlos, and Bella, our pups!  They sure do keep this old couple on their toes!   Meet Molly - We adopted Molly from the local animal shelter, she was a year and a… Continue reading Meet Our Furry Kids


We are on YouTube!

  Yeah....don't get excited yet!!  We have uploaded ONE video as a test run...still lots of work to do...and here is a running list of things that need to be researched:  Find out how to create a CUTE banner for our channel  Get some ideas for video content  Get some courage somewhere to actually do… Continue reading We are on YouTube!

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Easter Eggs!

  Finally !!! One of our Ameraucana pullets is a big girl now !! A hen! We found our very first "easter egger" bluish-green egg yesterday !  Our six EE girls were born last February - we got them in mid-April - and we have been waiting for this day since then!!  I was soooo… Continue reading Easter Eggs!

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A Fire What ?

Yep…it’s our Fire Pit Yardscape!!!  We have finally started our fire pit area!!!  We purchased our fire pit last fall and have been planning our “pit  area” for a long time now!!  This is only the beginning! Not too long ago there sat an old worn out shed on this spot.  When we found an… Continue reading A Fire What ?


I’m so thankful…and surprised!

I can't believe I was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Reward by the **awesome** LowcountryHippie! Thank you !!!!   You have been my #1 fan since my first post!  I appreciate that!   How was this blog born? When we got our chickens there was soooo much to learn and so our blog was born! … Continue reading I’m so thankful…and surprised!

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Fun Fact Friday – Do you ever sell chicks or eggs? Is that regulated at all?

  Our next reader question is - Do you ever sell chicks or eggs? Is that regulated at all?   Great questions!! We don’t raise chickens, so as far as selling chicks, I had to research that and here  is the North Carolina Statutes on Chick Dealers and Hatcheries.  I learned a lot reading through this…thank… Continue reading Fun Fact Friday – Do you ever sell chicks or eggs? Is that regulated at all?

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15 Egg Facts You May Not Know

    Fry them, poach them, boil or bake them – any way you crack them, eggs are delicious. As much as we rely on them for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and dessert, of course!), there are many interesting facts about eggs that aren’t common knowledge. Enjoy some of these lesser-known tidbits: 1. Chef hats… Continue reading 15 Egg Facts You May Not Know