All about our Homestead

This journey started a few years ago when we discovered Minimalism !  We started working on downsizing what we own – and we are still working on that (hubby is not quite on board fully!).

Then, a little over 2 years ago we discovered essential oils – I know, where have WE been?? Our lives changed drastically and we suddenly had a new desire for more healthy alternatives for not only our wellness, but also our eating habits and where we got our food!  Since we were renters then, all we could do was try to buy local produce and our dear friends, Kim and Jeff, gave us fresh eggs – lots of them !

When we moved into the home we now own, we decided that it would be fun – and more economical and eco-friendly, to get our own chickens for fresh eggs (just think of all those foam eggs cartons we are saving from the dump!!)

I can see now, this is going to snowball into a TRUE homestead, especially when we buy our own land and can expand!



Meet Mike, our “farm dog”!  He is really just a spoiled furry kid, but don’t tell him that!  He thinks the chickens are his to take care of and loves hunting crickets with them !






We have 6 chickens – 1 Delaware – Della, 3 White Leghorns (Holly 1, 2, and 3 – we got them from our dear friend Holly), and 2 Welsummers – Brownie and Broody !

We started with a small, and very cute, chicken coop – the specs said it would house 8 chickens, but I thought the 6 of them were a little crowded, so we bought a dog pen and shade cover for the tops, so they would have a little more room to roam!  Once we have our own acreage we will definitely be expanding!





***Update –  We have expanded and can’t wait to expand even more in a few years when we have our own property!  For now, this will have to do !!!  We now have 13 chickens, 5 laying hens and 8 that should start laying any time now!

The Expansion!
little girls
Our 6 “Easter Egger” hens…born in February so they will start laying any time!!!