Natural Wellness!!

Because I want everyone to maintain their wellness naturally.... End of the year special...TODAY Only! 🙌🏻 This beauty is the Premium Starter Kit. It's my go to for everything, my main squeeze, my handy tool belt, my secret weapon, my wellness cabinet. It comes with all of the oils pictured plus... -A diffuser (you pick)… Continue reading Natural Wellness!!

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Is that egg fresh?

If you have ever cracked a rotten egg unexpectedly, you know how important it is to have an idea if the egg you are about to crack is good or not!  YUCK!!!!!  That happened to me one morning and let's just say, I didn't eat breakfast that day! Here are a few tips from Countryside… Continue reading Is that egg fresh?

Essential Oils · Health and Wellness


Wow!!!  We have been soooo busy around the homestead the last few months...preparing for colder weather, the holidays, and super busy with local holiday bazaars! One thing that I am super excited about is our new oily newsletter!  If you want to know about #AllThingsOily then you will want to get this newsletter delivered to… Continue reading Newsletter!!!!